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What you should know about sterling silver jewelry…

Most of the value of a fine piece of sterling silver jewelry is in the
skilled craftsmanship required to create the artistic expression of
design and form.

Its value is based on the successful blend of artistry, craftsmanship, finish,
weight, purity, metal content and inlay. Below you will find a number of
important factors you should consider when purchasing sterling silver

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Purity of Silver
Scandean works exclusively in sterling silver 950 (which is 95% pure silver), offering an enhanced shine and brilliance, and increasing
the value of your jewelry.
By contrast, the threshold to be designated sterling silver is 925 (which is only 92.5% pure silver).

Mixture of metals
Scandean mixes its sterling silver with 5% pure copper, avoiding the allergen problems and enhancing the value of the jewelry.
By contrast, some silver jewelry is mixed with nickel or other cheap metals, which causes allergic reactions for many people.

Finishing the Jewelry
Scandean jewelry is solid sterling silver, finished on all sides, providing a more refined finish and an appreciable “weight.”  By contrast,
some silver jewelry is incomplete or “cut out” behind the inlay, thus using less silver. Unfortunately this creates an overly lightweight and flimsy
effect, allowing the jewelry to excessively move around on the wearer.

Handmade and Unique
All Scandean sterling silver jewelry is handmade, creating truly unique pieces of art.
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